DocumentationHow do I import projects in iFlow?

How do I import projects in iFlow?

Use the project import function when you add the complete list of projects in the application. If you want additional fields for projects, make sure you create them before importing projects. Here are the steps for creating custom fields for projects.

Follow the steps below to use the Project Import feature.

  • Go to the main menu “Employees” – “Import projects
  • Click on the “Import” button from the first row
  • Fill in the downloaded file
  • Click on the “Upload the completed file” button
  • Choose the file to be imported
  • Click on “Import

Additional explanations – import projects

Below I will present the columns in the import file and how to complete them.

  • Hierarchy – Here you will mark with “-” the subprojects. Practically, you will write “-” on the line that is the name of the subproject (next to it). Thus the application will know how to import the main projects and subprojects automatically.
  • ID – you will not write anything in this column. This column is only completed in case of an update. The ID is a unique code that each project and subproject has in the database- through this code they are identified.
  • Project name – name of the projects or subprojects
  • Is enabled – Here you can mark the active or disabled projects. By filling the column with the number “1” you mark the active projects, and by completing “0” you mark it as a disabled project. This way you can enable or disable projects through the update
  • Other columns – if you have multiple columns in the file in addition to the ones mentioned above, these are the columns for custom fields / additional project information.

Projects can also be updated via a file, so you don’t have to edit them manually when you want to make a larger change. You can find information about updating projects here.

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