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Custom fields for projects

These custom fields for projects help you allocate more information to a project or subproject. Whether you need unique information such as a project code that is used to identify the project, or you simply need some additional information such as a description.

How do I create custom fields for projects?

Follow the steps below to create custom fields for your projects. These can be completed later when you add a new project, or by updating/importing projects.

  • Go to the main menu, “Settings” – “Custom fields
  • Choose the “Project” submenu
  • Click on “Add field
  • Fill in the “Field name
  • Choose the “Field type
  • Fill in the “Field description” (optional)
  • Check the “Required” box if you want this field to be mandatory filled in
  • Check the “Unique value” box if you want the entered value to be unique Check the “Add to the name displayed on lists” box if you want the completed value to be attached to the name 
  • Click on “Save

* If you choose the “Select” or “Multiple Select” field type, fill in the options available for the answer options in the box provided.

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