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DocumentationHow do I update projects in iFlow?

How do I update projects in iFlow?

The action of updating projects is simply done through a file. Below you will find additional steps and explanations for performing the update. You can find all the steps for importing projects, here.

  • Go to main menu “Employees” – “Import projects
  • Click on the “Update” button on the first row
  • Make the changes in the downloaded file
  • Click on the “Upload the completed file” button
  • Choose the file to update
  • Click on the “Import” button

Additional explanations – updating projects

Below I will present a series of additional but essential information for the project update function to be performed correctly and efficiently.

  • Hierarchy – Here you will mark the subprojects with “-”. Practically, you will write “-” on the line where the name of the subproject is (next to it). This way the application will know how to import the main projects and their subprojects automatically.
  • ID – You will not write anything in this column. This is only completed in case of an update. The ID is a unique code that each project and subproject has in the database, through this code they are identified.
  • Project name – The names of the projects or subprojects
  • Is enabled – Here you can mark the active or disabled projects. By filling the column with the number “1” you mark the active projects, and by completing “0” you mark it as a disabled project. This way you can enable or disable projects through the update
  • Other columns – if you have multiple columns in the file in addition to the ones mentioned above, these are the columns for custom fields / additional project information.

The yellow rows – represent the Main projects.

The gray rows – represent disabled projects or subprojects.

The colorless rows – represent the subprojects.

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