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DocumentationThe timesheet report with “Live attendance” as a data source

The timesheet report with “Live attendance” as a data source

The Timesheet report in iFlow can be used on multiple data sources, with different display modes, and depending on these, there are different sets of settings. In this article, you will find information about the timesheet based on the “Live attendance” data source.

You will use this report if you want to see the total hours registered for each employee based on their check-ins/outs.

This report does not have the Display on days option, and no ways of displaying.

Below you can find a list of available settings for this timesheet:

  • Free day symbol
  • Time off and overtime
  • Show total days instead of hours for paid and date intervals events
  • Permanently display total columns for all events
  • Employee data
  • Options for Total worked hours
  • Options for Work schedule hours
  • Options for Overtime
  • Hide negative values
  • Group other leave
  • Other leave symbols
  • Print settings
  • Round options

If you need extra details about these settings, access this article.

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