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Custom fields for reviews

Custom fields for reviews are questions or statements in the evaluation. Find out below how to create them.

How do I create an evaluation field?

Follow the steps below to create custom evaluation fields.

  • From the main menu “Settings” – “Custom fields
  • Choose the “Reviews” submenu
  • Click the “Add New Field” button
  • Select evaluation
  • Fill in the field name
  • Choose the field type
  • You can also complete a description of this field (optional)
  • Check the “Required” box if you want this field to be filled in
  • Check the “Single value” box if you want the value entered in it to be unique
  • Check the “Add to list name” box if you want the completed value to be attached to the name
  • Click on “Save

If you choose the “Select” or “Multiple Select” field type, fill in the options available for the answer options in the box provided.

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