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Live attendance import

Find out in this article how to import for live attendance in the iFlow app. It works similarly to import for locations or employees.

1. Uploading data

There are 2 ways to record data, either by uploading a file or by copying & paste function in the corresponding areas on the application interface.
-From the main menu “Employees” – “Import real attendance
-Upload the file to the “Upload a file” area or copy and paste the desired data into the “Paste from Excel” area

2. Defining fields

In this step you will choose what each column means. At this point you will be able to choose between:

-Full name
-Internal number (this field is required)
-Start time (this field is required)
-Closing time (this field is required)
-Date (this field is required)


-For fields that contain data type information, make sure that you format these columns in the file, and then choose the correct format when assigning the fields.

3. Data validation

In the validation part, if there are duplicates you will choose what happens to each of these data.

Either change the data to resolve conflicts and import the data, or skip that row.

Make the desired selections and click “Next” to continue.

You will be informed later about the actions that will be taken for your data. If you agree with this conclusion, click “Next“.

4. Completed

When you reach this stage it means that you have completed the import. You can upload another document now by clicking the “Retry” button, or you can leave this page.

You can import the value of the food coupon for each individual employee, you can even add the series of food coupons.

You can also download the specific report for Edenred, or you can choose to copy the data for this report and use the data directly in the Edenred template.

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