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DocumentationPaid leave days limitation

Paid leave days limitation

Read this article to learn how to use the paid leave days limitation option in the app. This is done by using the “Limit available holiday days to the current day” setting.

How do I enable the Paid leave Days Limit option?

  • From the main menu “Settings” – “Company
  • Click on the submenu “Company settings
  • In the setting “Limit days off available to the current day” choose “On
  • Then click on the “Update information” button

How does limiting paid leave days work?

The application will automatically calculate the number of days to which the employee is entitled when creating the request based on the total number of available days allocated to him.

Below you will find the calculation method used to define the number of days of leave to which the employee is entitled.

  • Number days available / year * number calendar days until the end date of the leave / total number of days in which he was employed in that year

Roundings are made as follows:

  • 0.50 – up
  • 0.49 – down

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