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Live attendance and projects

The attendance may be recorded both individually by each employee or by one person for more than one employee. Read the article to learn how to register your attendance and where you can view it.

If you wish to use the project tracking, you will have to activate this module. Follow the steps below:

  • From the “Settings” main Menu – “Company”
  • Company Settings” submenu
  • Select “Activated” in the “Projects” field
  • Then click on the “Update information” button

1. Register attendance

The recording of individual attendance: Performed from the “Check-in/out” button. You will choose the location and project.

Depending on the company settings you will be able to edit the details of the attendance or not.

The multiple attendances: Record via the “+” button next to the “Check-in/out” button. Choose “Add presence” option then choose employees, locations, project, date and time of.

If you wish to register exits for check-ins already recorded, click on the “+” button and choose the “Close presence” option, choose the exit hours, then click “Save”.

2. Create projects

The projects can be created directly at the time of the check-in or from the main menu “Employees”, “Projects” – click on “Add project”, fill in the name of the project and click “Add”.

Once you have created projects you can choose them from the list when you register the check-in for your employees, or employees can choose them at the time of their checking-in.

3. Reports for live attendance and projects

In the Real Attendance report – all the check-ins/outs from all employees. By using the filters you can sort the data on a time frame, team, location, projects, hours interval.

In the Timesheet – with the “Live attendance” as the data source – you can see the totals for the whole month, the total hours checked-in/out for each day by the employees. This report can be filtered by locations, teams, and projects.

In the Real Registry –  you will see the check-in/out hours for each employee for each day of the month

4. Live attendance and projects in the user’s profile

In each employee’s profile, you will see their own check-ins/outs with details: location of the check-in, location of the check-out, the project they worked on, the hour of the check-in, the check-out, and the total of the hours registered for each day.

How do you access this panel? For your account, you will go to the avatar on the right and select “My attendance”.

For an other employee, click on its name on the Dashboard – and select Attendance.

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