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Live attendance – Check in by link

If you want to limit employees’ access to the platform, but you want them to be able to check in, then checking in by link is one of the ideal solutions for you and your company.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have created the locations in the application. You can create them using the location import feature, or manually from the “Employees” menu – “Locations” – click on “Add location” – fill in “Location name” – Click on “Add“.

*You can choose to secure a location by setting a password, all you have to do is check the “Use password” box – then fill in the password and confirm it. Later, when an employee accesses the link of this location, they will have to fill in the password before they can log in.

In order for them to be able to check in via link, you need to set this in their profile. Instead of the RFID Series a check in code, this can be the employee’s internal code.

Navigate to its profile – click on the “Settings” button (next to the Profile button) – Click on the “RFID” submenu and in the “RFID Series” field fill in the code / internal code, etc. then click “Save Settings“.

  • From the main menu “Settings” – “Company
  • Click on the “Live attendance” submenu
  • In the “Location check in page” field, choose “On
  • Click on “Update information

2. Timing link distribution

To distribute check in linkes, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Access the main menu “Employees” – “Locations
  • Click on the button intended for copying the link or click on “Edit” and copy the link there
  • Then send it to the employees

3. Establishing steps for check in

In iFlow you can write steps for employees who click on the link. They will see your directions directly on the check in page.

  • From the main menu “Settings” – “Company
  • Click on the “Live attendance” submenu
  • Fill in the desired information in the “Check-In Instructions” field
  • You can even change the name of the “RFID” field
  • Then click on “Update information

4. How are employees treated?

They access the link shared by you, fill in the password, if necessary, then enter their RFID Serial, or internal number, or check in code, and register their presence.

They can either check in by themselves or by someone else from this location. If you are interested in other check in options, you can read how to use QR code check in or PIN code check in.

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